Altitude (see Horizontal Coordinates)
Animated Slewing, Advanced
Astronomical Unit (see Parallax)
Atmospheric Refraction, Advanced
Azimuth (see Horizontal Coordinates)


Blackbody Radiation, Blackbody Radiation
(see also Star Colors and Temperatures)


Catalogs, Catalogs
Deep-Sky Catalogs, Catalogs
Star catalogs, Catalogs
Catalogs page
Short overview, Catalogs
CCD Video Control
Setup, CCD and Video-Capture Setup
Celestial Coordinate Systems
Ecliptic Coordinates, The Ecliptic Coordinate System
(see also Ecliptic)
Equatorial Coordinates, The Equatorial Coordinate System
(see also Celestial Equator)
(see also Celestial Poles)
(see also Geographic Coordinate System)
Galactic Coordinates, The Galactic Coordinate System
Horizontal Coordinates, The Horizontal Coordinate System
(see also Horizon)
(see also Zenith)
Overview, Celestial Coordinate Systems
Celestial Equator, The Celestial Equator
(see also Equatorial Coordinates)
Celestial Poles, The Celestial Poles
(see also Equatorial Coordinates)
Celestial Sphere, The Celestial Sphere
(see also Celestial Coordinate Systems)
Color Schemes
Customizing, The Configure KStars Window, Colors
Selecting, Customizing the Display
Keyboard, Keyboard Commands
Menu, Menu Commands
Keyboard Shortcuts, Menu Shortcuts
Mouse, Mouse Commands
INDI, Configure INDI
Configure KStars window, The Configure KStars Window
Advanced page, The Configure KStars Window, Advanced
Catalogs page, The Configure KStars Window
Colors page, The Configure KStars Window, Colors
Developer page, Developer
Guides page, The Configure KStars Window, Guides
Image Overlays page, The Configure KStars Window, Image Overlays
Satellites page, The Configure KStars Window, Satellites
Solar System page, The Configure KStars Window, Solar System
Supernovae page, The Configure KStars Window, Supernovae
Terrain page, The Configure KStars Window, Terrain
Xplanet page, The Configure KStars Window
Cosmic Distance Ladder, Cosmic Distance Ladder


Dark Matter, Dark Matter
Date and Time
Extended range of dates, Setting the Time
Setting, Setting the Time
The simulation clock, Setting the Time
Declination (see Equatorial Coordinates)
Deep-Sky Catalogs
Adding/Editing Objects, Adding/Editing Objects
Catalog Color Editor, Catalog Color Editor
Catalog Details Dialog, Catalog Details Dialog
Database, The DSO Catalog Database
Database System, The DSO Catalog Database
GUI, The Catalog Management GUI


Ecliptic, The Ecliptic
(see also Ecliptic Coordinates)
Ekos, Ekos
Elliptical Galaxies, Elliptical Galaxies
Epoch, Epoch
Equinoxes, The Equinoxes
(see also Celestial Equator)
(see also Ecliptic)


Field-of-View Symbols
Customizing, Customizing the Display
Defining New, Customizing the Display
Description, Customizing the Display
Find Object Tool, Finding Objects
FITS Viewer, FITS Viewer
Flux, Flux
(see also Luminosity)


Geographic Coordinate System, Geographic Coordinates
Geographic Location Tool
Custom locations, Setting the Geographic Location
Filtering, Setting the Geographic Location
Great Circles, Great Circles
(see also Celestial Sphere)


Horizon, The Horizon
(see also Horizontal Coordinates)
Hour Angle, Hour Angle
(see also Local Meridian)
(see also Sidereal Time)


Julian Day, Julian Day


Latitude (see Geographic Coordinate System)
Leap Years, Leap Years
Local Meridian, The Local Meridian
(see also Celestial Sphere)
(see also Hour Angle)
Longitude (see Geographic Coordinate System)
Luminosity, Luminosity
(see also Flux)


Navigation Controls
Basics, Have a Look Around
Keyboard, Navigation Keys
Mouse, Mouse Commands


Objects in the Sky
Centering, Mouse Commands
Details, Object Details Window
Finding by Name, Finding Objects
Hiding, Advanced
Identifying, Mouse Commands
Internet Links, The Popup Menu
(see also Popup Menu)
Customizing, Object Details Window
Invoking Popup Menu for, Mouse Commands
Keyboard Actions, Keyboard Actions, Actions for the Selected Object
Automatic, Advanced
Overview, Objects in the Sky
Tracking, Centering and Tracking
Orbit Trails
Attached to centered object, Centering and Tracking


Parallax, Parallax
Parsec (see Parallax)
Planner, Observation Planner
Popup Menu
Description, Popup Menu
Example, The Popup Menu
Precession, Precession


Retrograde Motion, Retrograde Motion
Right Ascension (see Equatorial Coordinates)


Setup Wizard, The Setup Wizard
Sidereal Time, Sidereal Time
(see also Hour Angle)
Sky culture, The Configure KStars Window
Spiral Galaxies, Spiral Galaxies
Star Colors and Temperatures, Star Colors and Temperatures
(see also Blackbody Radiation)
(see also Magnitude Scale)
Stars, Stars: An Introductory FAQ


Telescope Control
Concepts, INDI Concepts
FAQ, INDI Frequently Asked Questions
Remote Devices, Remote Device Control
Telescopes, Telescopes, Aperture and Focal Ratio, Aberrations, Magnification, Field of View, Types of Telescopes, Optical Telescopes, Observations in Other Wavelengths, Space-Based Observations
Terrain image
Customizing, The Configure KStars Window
Time Zones, Time Zones
Customizing, Customizing the Display
Tools, KStars Tools
Altitude vs. Time Tool, Altitude vs. Time Tool
Astrocalculator, The Astrocalculator
Angular Distance module, Angular Distance module
Apparent Coordinates module, Apparent Coordinates module
Day Duration module, Day Duration module
Ecliptic Coordinates module, Ecliptic Coordinates module
Equatorial/Galactic Coordinates module, Equatorial/Galactic Coordinates module
Equinoxes and Solstices module, Equinoxes and Solstices module
Geodetic Coordinates module, Geodetic Coordinates module
Horizontal Coordinates module, Horizontal Coordinates module
Julian Day module, Julian Day module
Planet Coordinates module, Planet Coordinates module
Sidereal Time module, Sidereal Time module
Align, Align
Analyze, Analyze
Capture, Capture
Focus, Focus
Guide, Guide
Logs, Logs
Profile Editor, Profile Editor
Profile Wizard, Profile Wizard
Scheduler, Scheduler
Setup, Ekos Setup
Tutorials, Ekos Tutorials
User Interface, User Interface
Jupiter Moons Tool, Jupiter Moons Tool
Object Details Window, Object Details Window
Script Builder, The Script Builder Tool
Simulate Eyepiece View, Simulate Eyepiece View
Solar System Viewer, Solar System Viewer
What's up Tonight? Tool, What's up Tonight? Tool


Universal Time, Universal Time
(see also Time Zones)


HiPS Progressive Overlay, HiPS Progressive Overlay


Zenith, The Zenith
(see also Horizontal Coordinates)