Mouse Commands

Moving the mouse

The sky coordinates (Az/Alt, RA/Dec and J2000.0 RA/Dec) of the mouse cursor are updated in the status bar. The status bar is located in the right bottom corner of the screen. The status bar can be customized by selecting SettingsStatusbar submenu. Here you may choose what coordinates systems KStars will display in the status bar. Furthermore, you can hide the status bar by unchecking the Show Statusbar checkbox.

"Hovering" the mouse

A temporary name label is attached to the object nearest to the mouse cursor.


The object nearest the mouse click is identified in the status bar.


Center and track on the location or object nearest the mouse click. Double-clicking on an Info Box will shade it to show/hide extra information.


Open the popup menu for the location or object nearest the mouse cursor.

Scrolling the mouse wheel

Zoom the display in or out. If you do not have a mouse wheel, you can hold the middle mouse button and drag vertically.


Dragging the sky map

Pan the display, following the drag motion.

Ctrl+dragging the sky map

Define a rectangle in the map. When the mouse button is released, the display is zoomed in to match the field-of-view to the bounds of the rectangle.

Dragging an Info Box

The Info Box is repositioned in the map. Info Boxes will stick to window edges, so that they remain on the edge when the window is resized.