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Welcome to the KDE documentation site. This page holds the complete KDE User Documentation in over 25 languages. Thanks to the enormous efforts by our documentation and translation teams you can access thousands of pages of documentation.

Before you start searching the library or asking questions on the mailing lists, there is a good chance your answer is already in the KDE UserBase or the KDE Community Forums. They have a hotspot in the right menubar, where you have fast access to them.

If you are looking for developer documentation, the KDE Techbase is the place where you get what you are looking for.


There are two menubars on the site. The left one allows you to navigate through the available KDE packages, languages and versions. The right menubar holds quicklinks to KDE UserBase and the KDE Community Forums, and allows you to search the complete documentation in all languages.

Select the language, the version of KDE and the package, the application you want is in. For now only the stable and the development versions of the documentation are available.

Other Information

The documentation for KDE Extragear applications is only available in the development section.

System Settings (KControl) documentation gets separate boxes, since it is very big and most users only want a small part of them.

I hope you find what you are searching for. Have fun with KDE!

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