The KPhotoAlbum Handbook

Jesper K. Pedersen

Miika Turkia

Revision 4.2 (2012-02-23)

KPhotoAlbum logo

This is the user manual for KPhotoAlbum — a digital image cataloguing software that supports annotation, browsing, searching and viewing of digital images and videos. If you are not the type who likes reading documentation, but rather just want to try out things, here are a few alternatives:

  • Go to the KPhotoAlbum Homepage, and look at the quick overview, screen shoots, and introduction videos.

  • Start KPhotoAlbum, and accept its offer for a demo (If this is your first time you start it), or go to Help menu and select Run KPhotoAlbum demo. That will load KPhotoAlbum with a number of images, and let you browse around.

If you prefer to print out this document, then you may find it as on long PDF document at KDE docs. A direct link is available at KPhotoAlbum's Homepage.