Chapter 9. Configuring KPhotoAlbum

Selecting SettingsConfigure KPhotoAlbum... from the menu bar will bring up the options dialog. This chapter will tell you about the configuration option available there.

General Settings

Below you can see the configuration page for general options. Some of these options are briefly described here and you can also access an informational menu while doing configurations by right clicking any option and selecting the What's This? menu item.

Figure 9.1. General Options

General Options

Use EXIF orientation information will automatically rotate images as shot. Most digital cameras embed a thumbnail on RAW format files and quite often this thumbnail is actually of sufficient size, might be even full sized. Selecting to use this embedded thumbnail will fasten up all image operations as decoding raw files is very time consuming but the thumbnail is many times faster. You can also specify the minimum size for the thumbnail so that the RAW image is decoded if the thumbnail is of useless size.