Chapter 2. Features


The most important features and improvements are highlighted here, it would make this list too long if we were to include all the features and improvements. You will discover even more features in this documentation and in the ChangeLog and NEWS files.

New features in the Krusader-1.80.0 Final 3rd Stone release

New features in the Krusader-1.90.0 Power Stone release

  • Last release for KDE 3.x with a big collection of Useractions.

New features in the Krusader-2.0.0 Mars Pathfinder release

New features in the Krusader-2.1.0-beta1 Rusty Clutch release

  • Fast text/hex viewer for huge filesizes.

  • Locked tabs.

  • Queued packing / unpacking.

  • Better trash integration.

  • The quick search, select and filter bar supports regular expressions for matching files.

New features in the Krusader-2.5.0 Clear Skies release

  • Ported to KDE Frameworks5.

  • The new Quickfilter bar with three different modes to operate: select, search and filter.

  • Reworked Queue Manager (JobMan) and the new Job Toolbar.

New features in the Krusader-2.7.0 Peace of Mind release

  • Quick Search in Bookmark menu.

  • Pinned tabs.

  • Tooltip with file information when you hover a file name.

  • Extended options for Tree Panel at the Side Bar.

New features in the Krusader-2.8.0 A New Day release

  • Duplicating tabs with double click.

  • Closing tabs with Ctrl+left mouse button or Alt+left mouse button (configurable).

  • Undoing the closed tabs while the app is running.

  • Dynamically sized tabs.

  • Configuration options for new tab position, tab button visibility and New Tab Button behavior.

  • History and suggestions in New Folder dialog.

  • Cycling through full name, file name and extension selections with Rename shortcut (F2 by default).

  • Shift+Del removes undesired entries from the history in various dialogs.

  • Improved sync between the panel and embedded terminal.

  • Improved color configuration.


If you are using a development or Git version, it is possible that the latest new features are not yet in the The Krusader Handbook. Please read the Changelog file online or in the Krusader sources to find out more about the new features. For a brief description, please read the NEWS file online or in the Krusader sources. User feedback and Bug reports are always welcome!