Settings Menu

SettingsToolbarsShow Main Toolbar

Shows the Main Toolbar if checked.

SettingsToolbarsShow Job Toolbar

Shows the Job Toolbar if checked.

SettingsToolbarsShow Actions Toolbar

Shows the Actions Toolbar if checked.

SettingsShow Statusbar

Shows the Statusbar if chosen.

SettingsShow FN Keys Bar

Shows the FN Keys Bar if checked.

SettingsShow Terminal Emulator (Ctrl+Alt+T)

Show the Terminal Emulator if checked.

SettingsShow Command Line

Shows the Command Line if checked.

SettingsCommand Execution Mode Setup

Allows you to choose command execution mode. You can choose one of the following options.

  • Start and Forget: start execution and do not wait for the results.

  • Display Separated Standard and Error Output: show the output to stdout and stderr on the separate panels.

  • Display Mixed Standard and Error Output: show the output to stdout and stderr on the single panel (default).

  • Start in New Terminal: execute the command in the new terminal window.

  • Send to Embedded Terminal Emulator: send the command to the embedded terminal emulator.

SettingsJob Queue Mode

Toggles the Queue Manager mode. If checked then pressing F2 or the corresponding button in the copy/move dialog immediately starts the job even if there are running jobs in queue. If unchecked then the job will be put into the queue if the queue is not empty. Otherwise the job will be started immediately.

SettingsConfigure Shortcuts...

Opens a dialog which allows you to configure the Krusader key bindings.

With the Import shortcuts and Export shortcuts buttons you can load and save a Key-binding profile. This allows Krusader to have the Total Commander©, Midnight Commander, foo-commander, or your custom Key-bindings. The only limitation is that global Plasma™ key-bindings and some Krusader key-bindings cannot be changed yet, as well as some features in foo-commander that we either do not have or need. The Key-bindings are stored in /usr/share/krusader, contains a description, foo.keymap is an ini file that holds the Key-bindings. Until Krusader-1.70.1 this was a binary file, Krusader is backwards compatible for importing this legacy binary format. If a * text file exists, Krusader will display it, showing additional information regarding the loaded Key-bindings file. Here you have a chance to exit without importing the proposed Key-bindings file.


A Total Commander© Key-bindings file is provided. Please upload your favorite Key-bindings schemes so that they become available for the Krusader community. Thanks!

SettingsConfigure Toolbars...

Opens a dialog which allows you to configure the Main Toolbar or the Actions Toolbar. You can add action buttons of your favourite UserActions to the desired toolbar.

SettingsConfigure Krusader...

Opens Konfigurator - the Krusader configuration center.