Folder Tabs

Figure 3.7. Folder Tabs

Folder Tabs

With Folder Tabs you can quickly change to multiple folders; each panel has its own Folder Tabs. The Folder Tabs positions are saved when closing Krusader. To switch between Folder Tabs, click them with the mouse. Squeezed Folder Tabs have tooltips to display the full path. The following Folder Tabs operations are available:

  • To open a new tab and keep the current tab opened: Right-click on a folder and select Open in New Tab, or click on the rightmost button on the Tab bar.

  • To lock a tab, Right-click and select Lock Tab.

  • To pin a tab, Right-click and select Pin Tab. The pinned tab is a locked tab but with temporarily changeable address. It resets to pinned address on tab reactivation. To unpin the pinned tab right-click on it and choose the Unpin Tab item.

  • To duplicate a tab: Right-click on the folder tab and select Duplicate Current Tab, or use Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N.

  • To close a tab (except for the last tab): Right-click on the tab and select Close Current Tab, or use the middle mouse button, or use the Folder tab red cross button, or use Ctrl+W.

  • To change tabs: Ctrl+, or Ctrl+..

  • To open the current folder in a new tab: use Ctrl+Alt+Enter.

  • To close all other tabs, Right-click and select Close Inactive Tabs.

  • To close duplicated tabs, Right-click and select Close Duplicated Tabs.

  • To move tab on the other panel, drag it to the area of the other panel with the left mouse button (the mouse cursor will become an arrow pointing left or right) and drop it. You can also press Ctrl+Shift+O.