Locate GUI Frontend

Krusader has a GUI front end for the locate command (findutils). Locate is used for fast file searching not from a folder but a database. The package contains among other files, locate and updatedb. updatedb goes through the local file system and stores the file entries in the database. cron often calls updatedb every night (set with KCron). Choose ToolsLocate... or Ctrl+Shift+L to start this feature. Konfigurator can set additional arguments for updatedb.

Checkbox Options

  • Show only the existing files: if the database contains entries which no longer exist any more (deleted, moved since the last updatedb), locate does not list them. It checks the existence of each file before the listing in the results window (slow).

  • Case Sensitive: unchecking it allows lower and upper case search.

Action buttons

  • Locate: executes locate foo foo and places its output into the results window.

  • Stop: stops the locating process.

  • UpdateDB: starts updatedb for updating the locate database after entering the root password.

  • Close: closes the locate window.

Results window

  • Double-click on an item: steps to its folder, makes the item visible and closes the locate dialog.

  • Right click: edits/views/finds the menu.

    • F3: views the current item.

    • F4: edits the current item.

    • Ctrl+F: finds files in the results window.

    • Ctrl+N: shows the next search result.

    • Ctrl+P: shows the previous search result.

  • The results window supports dragging items to other windows and copy to clipboard (Ctrl+C).