Disk Usage

The Disk Usage is based on the code of Filelight. The Disk Usage shows you how your disk space is being used by a graphical representation of your file system. The following presentations are possible:

  • Line view

  • Detailed view

  • Filelight view: as a set of concentric segmented-rings

Choose ToolsDisk Usage... or Alt+Shift+S to start this feature in a separate window, or open it inside the Sidebar.

Disk Usage Keybindings, right click menu.

  • Del: Delete

  • Ctrl+E: Exclude

  • Shift+Arrow Up: Up one folder

  • Ctrl+N: new search

  • Ctrl+R: refresh

  • Ctrl+I: include all

  • Shift+Arrow Down: step into

  • View menu:

    • Ctrl+L: Line view

    • Ctrl+D: Detailed view

    • Ctrl+F: Filelight view

    • Shift+Arrow Right: Next view

    • Shift+Arrow Left: Previous view