Chapter 4. Configuring Amarok

On first start, some basic configuration is done; see also Quick Start Guide: Getting Started. But there is more under the hood.

To access the Configuration Menu, go to SettingsConfigure Amarok... and see the following dialog:

General configuration options

General configuration options


In the screenshot above, see some General Options you can set. Depending on the distribution, the default settings can vary. When hovering over the options with the mouse pointer, a tooltip will show to explain the individual settings.

General options:


Show tray icon

Check to enable the Amarok system tray icon.

Automatically retrieve cover art

Check to enable the automatic retrieval of cover art from the internet.

Enable context applets collapse animations

Check to enable animations when context applets collapse.

Automatically scroll playlist to current track

Check to make the playlist scroll so the current track is always visible.

Show Moodbar in progress slider

The Moodbar makes it possible to navigate in your music visually. Please note that this feature requires the external Moodbar Generator tool, or a script.

Moodbar style

Choose the mood display style.

When you enable the Moodbar, be aware of the following requirements: the Moodbar will only display if your tracks have been tagged with moods. For more about the Moodbar, refer to: Moodbar.