Notifications configuration dialog

Notifications configuration dialog


Use On-Screen Display

Check to enable the On-Screen Display. The OSD briefly displays track data when a new track is played. Once checked, the OSD will be visible on your screen and you can drag it to the location you prefer.


The time in milliseconds for which to show the OSD. The value must be between 500 ms and 10000 ms.


Allows you to choose the screen that should display the OSD if you have a multiscreen setup. Default is 0.


Check to enable translucency if supported by your desktop system.

Font scale

(choose the size of the font in the OSD)

Don't show when a fullscreen application is active

Do not show On-Screen Display if another application is focused and running in fullscreen mode.

Use custom colors

Check to enable custom colors for the On-Screen Display text.

Text color

Click to select the color of the OSD text.

Use system notifications

Check to use the system notification. This can vary depending on your desktop system and/or distribution.