Plugins configuration dialog

Plugins configuration dialog

Plugins configuration controls Collections, Internet Services, and Local Collection Backends.


Amarok offers you access to the following Collections, if they are available:


AudioCD Collection

AudioCD collection plugin for Amarok

DAAP Collection

DAAP collection plugin for Amarok

iPod, iPad & iPhone Collection

Plugin to use iPod-like devices as collections in Amarok

MTP Collection

MTP collection plugin for Amarok

Universal Mass Storage Collection

UMS/USB collection plugin for Amarok

UPnP Collection

UPnP collection plugin for Amarok

Internet Services

Amarok offers by default the following Internet services:

ServiceDescriptionNeeds configuration


Use an external music server

Yes, Ampache server needed

Podcast service. See also



Listen to free music published under Creative Common licenses. See also


A popular internet radio service, streaming only for subscribers. See also

Yes, personal information to scrobble 

Magnatune Store

Preview and buy music from a non-evil record label. See also

Only for downloads

MP3 Music Store

Access the Amazon MP3 Store directly from Amarok



A personal mp3 locker. See also


Podcast Directory

Browse and subscribe to a huge choice of podcasts


Other service are available through scripts.

Local Collection Backends

Amarok offers you access to the following Local Collection Backends, if they are available:


Local Files & USB Mass Storage Backend

Local Collection folders on local and pluggable disks

NFS Share Backend

Local Collection folders on remote NFS shares (Network File System)

SMB (Windows) Share Backend

Local Collection folders on remote Samba (Windows) shares

Ampache configuration

If you have access to a remote Ampache music server, click and enter the necessary information. You can configure access to more than one Ampache server. For more information see the Ampache section in what follows. configuration

While streaming is free with's own online player for residents of the US, the UK and Germany, it only works in Amarok for paid subscribers. Scrobbling is free, however, provided you enter your username and password by clicking . Amarok allows you to store the password in the secure KDE Wallet. If you decline the use of Kwallet, your password will be stored in clear text instead.

Magnatune Store configuration

Listen to the music offered by Magnatune for free and buy it directly through Amarok. Click to add your membership credentials if you are a member and/or add your email address to re-download music you previously have downloaded from Magnatune.

To download, you then go to the Media Sources pane, select the Internet section and click on the Magnatune Store. It will then download the catalog where you can search and select the music you want to buy.

MP3 Store configuration

Access the Amazon MP3 Store directly from Amarok.

The Amazon MP3 Store needs to know what country you are located in because it offers different items depending on your location. The following countries are allowed:

  • France

  • Austria, Germany, Switzerland

  • Japan

  • United Kingdom

  • United States (default)

NOTE: Changing the country invalidates your shopping cart. If your country is not in the list, you cannot use the Amazon MP3 Store because it is not supported by Amazon.

mp3tunes configuration

If you have a personal mp3tunes locker, click and enter your username and password. You will then be able to access your online locker.