Playback configuration dialog

Playback configuration dialog

Configure the playback options, as well as the KDE multimedia framework Phonon.


Fadeout on stop

If checked, Amarok will slowly fade the volume of the playing track on stop or at the end of the playlist, or stop playback immediately.

Fadeout on pause

If checked, Amarok will slowly fade the volume of the playing track on pausing the current track.

Fadeout duration

The length of the fadeout, in milliseconds.

Inhibit automatic suspend if playing

If checked, Amarok will prevent the computer from being suspended will a track is playing.

Pause playback on suspend

If checked, Amarok will pause playing of the current track when the computer is about to suspend.

Resume playback on start

If checked, Amarok will resume playback where you left it the last session -- just like a tape-player.

Configuring Phonon

Phonon is the multimedia framework used by Amarok. It was created to allow KDE 4 to be independent of any single multimedia framework such as GStreamer or VLC and to provide a stable API for KDE 4's lifetime. As an added bonus, it simplifies development by providing a simple API that works across different platforms such as Windows and OS X.

The result of all this for you, the user, is that you can choose the multimedia framework that works best for you. This is usually pre-configured by your distribution.

Playback problems in Amarok are typically not Amarok issues, but rather Phonon issues, as Amarok doesn't handle sound directly anymore.

Device Preference tab

Depending on your OS and distribution, you may need to use ALSA, OSS, PulseAudio, or something else as your default playback device. Find one that works for you with the Test button and apply to all types of output. If you would like different types of output to go with different devices, this is possible as well.

Speaker Setup tab

Should you wish to change the standard speaker setup, here is the place to do it.

Backend tab

Depending on your operating system you may see options such as Gstreamer, VLC, or DS9 (Windows) here. The recommended phonon-backend for Linux® users is VLC or Gstreamer.

If you don't see VLC or Gstreamer, install the package for it. For most distributions the package for VLC, for example, would be phonon-backend-vlc.

Each backend comes with its own codecs, so depending on the backend you choose you will need to also download the codecs, as most distributions don't ship them for legal reasons.