Chapter 6. Menu Commands

File Menu

FileNew Text File... (Shift+F4)

Creates a new text file in the current folder, unless another folder is specified. The new file is opened for editing after it is created.

FileNew Folder (F7)

Creates a new folder in the current folder.

FileNew Symlink... (Alt+Ctrl+S)

Creates a symbolic link to the currently selected file.

FileView File (F3)

Opens the currently selected file for viewing.

FileEdit File (F4)

Opens the currently selected file for editing.

FileCopy to other panel (F5)

Copy the currently selected files or folders to the other panel.

FileMove (F6)

Opens a dialog to move the currently selected files or folders to a specified location.

FilePack... (Alt+Shift+P)

Creates a new archive of all the selected files and folders in the active panel.

FileUnpack... (Alt+Shift+U)

Unpacks all the selected files in the active panel.

FileTest Archive (Alt+Shift+E)

Tests archive for corruption.

FileCompare by Content...

Compares two current files by content - one from each panel via an external graphical diff utility. By default Kompare is used, but you can also use e.g. xxdiff or KDiff3 , change it in the Konfigurator Dependencies page.

FileMulti Rename... (Shift+F2)

This menu option starts Krename, a very powerful external batch renamer.

Krename Features

  • Renaming a list of files based on a set of expressions

  • Copying/moving a list of files to another folder

  • Convert filenames to upper/lower case

  • Adding numbers to filenames

  • Finding and replacing parts of the filename

  • Renaming MP3/OGG Vorbis files based on their ID3 tags

  • Setting access and modification dates

  • Changing permissions and file ownership

  • A plugin API which allows you to extend KRename's features

  • Renaming folders recursively

  • Support for KFilePlugins

  • Undo renaming

  • And many more....

FileCreate Checksum...

Checksum creation on file(s) and/or folder(s).

FileVerify Checksum...

Verify Checksum

FileSplit File... (Ctrl+P)

The Split file function splits a file up into multiple smaller files so that it can be stored on several smaller media (like diskettes, zip-drives, ...) or sent by e-mail.

FileCombine Files... (Ctrl+B)

The Combine files function combines multiple files into one file after the Split file function was used.

FileQuit (Ctrl+Q)

Closes Krusader and cleans up the temporary folder, the same as pressing F10 key.