File Splitter

This function splits one (large) file up into multiple smaller files so that they can be placed on smaller media (e.g. ZIP drives, ...) or sent by email. The multiple files can be combined again to recreate the original file. Krusader and Total Commander© split/combine functions are compatible. To split a file choose FileSplit or Ctrl+P: a Split dialog will open to confirm the operation.

If the name of the original file is foo, then the name of the smaller files will be foo.000 foo.001 foo.002 etc. There is no theoretical limit in the number of smaller files, but it is recommended to limit the number to a maximum of 1023 files. Krusader creates a foo.crc file. This file contains the name, size and the crc checksum of the original file. It is possible to combine the file without the foo.crc file but in this case Krusader cannot check if the original file was recreated correctly.

An example of a foo.crc file:

filename=foo size=432998467868 crc32=21EB719A

To combine the multiple files choose, select a partial file and choose FileCombine files... or Ctrl+B. The target folder is the inactive panel and can be changed. The file names must be numbered in ascending order: foo.001, foo.002, foo.003 etc. or have letters in ascending order: (" split -b letter method") fileaa, fileab, fileac etc. If the file foo.crc is found in the same folder as the partial files, Krusader will use this file to check the combined file for errors.