Tools Menu

ToolsSearch... (Ctrl+S)

Opens KruSearcher - the Krusader search module.

ToolsLocate... (Ctrl+Shift+L)

Opens the Locate GUI frontend for fast file searching.

ToolsSynchronize Folders (Ctrl+Y)

The Synchronize Folders function compares the left and right panels and shows the differences between them. After the compare function, you can move files/folders so that they can be synchronized.

ToolsMountMan... (Alt+/)

Opens submenu with items to open MountMan or mount/unmount various mounting points.

ToolsDisk Usage... (Alt+Shift+S)

Opens Disk Usage.

ToolsNew Net Connection (Ctrl+N)

Opens the New Network Connection dialog to start a FTP, SMB, FISH or SFTP connection to a remote host. If you leave the user name and password fields empty, you will login as anonymous. You can Bookmark these remote sessions.

ToolsDisconnect From Net (Ctrl+Shift+D)

Ends the remote connection in the active panel and returns to the start-up path.

ToolsStart Terminal

Opens a terminal window in the default folder (usually your home folder). You can choose your favorite terminal application in the Konfigurator General page.

ToolsStart Root Mode Krusader (Alt+Shift+K)

Starts Krusader in Root mode at the same location. Root mode Krusader requires kdesu by default, if kdesu is not available or if you prefer e.g. gksu when using GNOME you can change this behaviour in the Konfigurator Dependencies page.


Be careful when using Krusader with ROOT PRIVILEGES.

ToolsEmpty Trash

Empties the trash bin.