Edit Menu

EditCut (Ctrl+X)

Cuts the selected file(s) to the clipboard to be moved to another location.

EditCopy (Ctrl+C)

Copies the selected file(s) to the clipboard to be moved to another location.

EditPaste (Ctrl+V)

Pastes previously cut or copied items from the clipboard to the current folder.

EditDelete (F8)

Deletes the currently selected file(s).

EditSelect Group... (Ctrl++)

Opens a dialog which allows you to select files in the active panel. In the Search for dialog place the main search criteria. Enter a filename, a wildcard ( *.o.*, *.c etc.) or both - separated by a space. When using 'text', the results are the same as '*text*'. You can exclude files from the search with '|' (e.g. '*.cpp *.h | *.moc.cpp'). With the profile handler you can manage your selections for future usage. A double-click on a profile is the same as entering the selection and pressing the OK button. More options for Select Group dialog are explained in the Search dialog, which are basically almost the same dialogs.

EditUnselect Group... (Ctrl+-)

The opposite of Select Group. The files that match the pattern in the active panel will be deselected.

EditSelect All (Alt++)

Selects all files in the active panel. You can also select all folders by activating the Autoselect folders option in the Konfigurator Panel page.

EditUnselect All (Alt+-)

Unselects all the files in the active panel.

EditInvert Selection (Alt+*)

Inverts the selection status of all the files in the active panel (i.e. selected files will become unselected and deselected files will become selected).

EditRestore Selection

Restore the selection status of previously unselected items.

EditFind in folder... (Ctrl+F)

Toggles Krusader quick search function.

EditCompare Folders (Alt+Shift+C)

Toggles Krusader Compare Folders function.

EditCompare Setup

Configures the Compare Folders function.

  • Select Newer and Single (default)

  • Select Single

  • Select Newer

  • Select Different and Single

  • Select Different

EditCalculate Occupied Space

Calculates occupied space of files and folders, archives and remote filesystems.

EditProperties... (Alt+Return)

Opens the properties dialog for the currently selected file. (KP refers to Key Pad.)