The KatePart Handbook

Thad McGinnis

Anne-Marie Mahfouf

Anders Lund

T.C. Hollingsworth

developer: Christoph Cullmann
reviewer: Lauri Watts
Revision Frameworks
5.94 (2022-05-02)

KatePart is a fully featured editor component by KDE.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Some Fundamentals
Drag and Drop
3. Working with the KatePart editor
Navigating in the Text
Working with the Selection
Using Block Selection
Using Overwrite Selection
Using Persistent Selection
Copying and Pasting Text
Finding and Replacing Text
The Search and Replace Bars
Finding Text
Replacing Text
Using Bookmarks
Automatically Wrapping text
Using automatic indenting
Line Modification Indicators
The Scrollbar Minimap
Multiple cursors
Creating multiple cursors
Working with multiple cursors
4. The Menu Entries
The File Menu
The Edit Menu
The Selection Menu
The View Menu
The Go Menu
The Tools Menu
The Settings and Help Menu
5. Advanced Editing Tools
The Editor Component Command Line
Standard Command Line Commands
Using Code Folding
6. Extending KatePart
Working with Syntax Highlighting
The KatePart Syntax Highlight System
The Highlight Definition XML Format
Highlight Detection Rules
Working with Color Themes
The KSyntaxHighlighting Color Themes
The Color Themes JSON Format
Colors in Detail
The Color Themes GUI
Tips & Tricks
Scripting with JavaScript
Indentation Scripts
Command Line Scripts
Scripting API
7. Configure KatePart
The Editor Component Configuration
Color Themes
Configuring With Document Variables
How KatePart uses Variables
Available Variables
Extended Options in .kateconfig files
8. Credits and License
9. The VI Input Mode
VI Input Mode
Incompatibilities with Vim
Switching Modes
Integration with Kate features
Supported normal/visual mode commands
Supported motions
Supported text objects
Supported insert mode commands
The Comma Text Object
Missing Features
A. Regular Expressions
Escaping characters
Character Classes and abbreviations
Alternatives: matching one of
Sub Patterns
Characters with a special meaning inside patterns
In context examples