Chapter 3. Working with the KatePart editor

Anders Lund

Dominik Haumann


The KatePart editor is the editing area of the KatePart window. This editor is shared between Kate and KWrite, and it can also be used in Konqueror for displaying text files from your local computer, or from the network.

The editor is composed of the following components:

The editing area

This is where the text of your document is located.

The Scrollbars

The scrollbars indicate the position of the visible part of the document text, and can be used to move around the document. Dragging the scrollbars will not cause the insertion cursor to be moved.

The scrollbars are displayed and hidden as required.

The Icon Border

The icon border is a small pane on the left side of the editor, displaying a small icon next to marked lines.

You can set or remove a bookmark in a visible line by clicking the left mouse button in the icon border next to that line.

The display of the icon border can be toggled using the ViewShow Icon Border menu item.

The Line Numbers Pane

The Line numbers pane shows the line numbers of all visible lines in the document.

The display of the Line Numbers Pane can be toggled using the ViewShow Line Numbers menu item.

The Folding Pane

The folding pane allows you to collapse or expand foldable blocks of lines. The calculation of the foldable regions is done according to rules in the syntax highlight definition for the document.