Chapter 8. Credits and License

KatePart and KWrite Copyright 2001-2022 by the Kate team.

Based on the original KWrite, which was Copyright 2000 by Jochen Wilhelmy


  • Christoph Cullmann

  • Michael Bartl

  • Phlip

  • Anders Lund

  • Matt Newell

  • Joseph Wenninger

  • Jochen Wilhelmy

  • Michael Koch

  • Christian Gebauer

  • Simon Hausmann

  • Glen Parker

  • Scott Manson

  • John Firebaugh

  • Nibaldo González

The KatePart documentation is based on the original KWrite documentation, modified to be relevant to all KatePart consumers.

The original KWrite documentation was written by Thad McGinnis , with lots of modifications from Christian Tibirna . Converted to docbook/proofreading by Lauri Watts and updated by Anne-Marie Mahfouf and Anders Lund

The current KatePart documentation is maintained by T.C. Hollingsworth . Please send comments or suggestions to the KatePart development mailing list at or file a bug in the KDE Bugtracking System.

This documentation is licensed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

This program is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.