The Tellico Handbook

Robby Stephenson

Revision Tellico 3.5 (2021-03-14)

This document is a handbook for using Tellico, a collection manager software application.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
What Tellico Is
What Tellico Is Not
Collection Fields
Collection Entries
2. Using Tellico
Quick Start
General Usage
Column View
Group View
Filter View
Loan View
Entry View
Editing Entries
Editing Multiple Entries
Updating Entry Data
Editing Fields
Field List
Field Properties
Field Formatting
Field Options
Filtering Entries
Generating Reports
Loan Tracking
General Tips
3. Tellico Details
Field Types
Simple Text
Derived Value Fields
Collection Types
Book Collections
Comic Book Collections
Video Collections
Music Collections
Video Game Collections
Card Collections
Coin Collections
Stamp Collections
Wine Collections
Board Game Collections
File Catalogs
Custom Collections
4. Importing and Exporting Data
Importing from the Internet
Importing Data
Importing Data From Other Software
Importing Other Data Formats
Importing Online Collections
Importing File Listings
Importing XML Data via XSLT
Drag and Drop
Exporting Data
Exporting XML
Exporting Zip
Exporting HTML
Exporting CSV
Exporting Alexandria
Exporting ONIX
Exporting Bibtex
Exporting GCstar
Exporting XML via XSLT
Working With Citations
5. Advanced Usage
Command Line Options
D-Bus Interface
D-Bus Commands
D-Bus Examples
6. Configuration
General Options
Printing Options
Template Options
Data Sources Options
Book and Bibliographic Data Sources
Comic Book Data Sources
Movie Data Sources
Music Data Sources
Video Game Data Sources
Board Game Data Sources
Coin & Stamp Data Sources
Data Sources for Multiple Collection Types
Multiple Combined Data Sources
7. Hacking Tellico
File Format
XML Data
Collection Type Values
Field Type Values
Hidden Configuration Options
[General Options]
[Options - bibtex]
Bibtex Character Translation
XSLT Tricks
8. Questions and Answers
9. Command Reference
The Main Tellico Window
The File Menu
The Edit Menu
The Collection Menu
The Settings and Help Menu
10. Credits and License