Field Type Values

Tellico will include all the default fields for a collection if the first field element has the name _default. For Paragraph, Table, or Image fields, the field category should be identical to the field title.

The type of field is given in the type attribute of the field element. The value is equal to the FieldType enum value in src/field.h.

Table 7.2. Field Type Values

Field TypeValue
Simple Text1

The field may have different flags set, given as a bitwise OR'd value in the flags attribute on the field element. The flag for preventing the user from deleting a field is intended for such things as the citation key for bibliographic entries.

Table 7.3. Field Flag Values

Field FlagsValue
Allow Multiple Values0x01
Allow Grouping0x02
Allow Completion0x04
Disallow Deleting0x08
Disallow Editing0x10
Derived Value0x20

The format of the field is given in the format attribute on the field element. Date Formatting is not currently used. Grouping by People uses all the fields which use Name Formatting. Setting the Derived Value flag implies the value for the field is generated from the template property from other field values.

Table 7.4. Field Format Values

Field FormatValue
Capitalization Only0
Title Formatting1
Name Formatting2
Date Formatting3
No Formatting4