Chapter 3.  Quickstart

Writing a Bibliography File for Beginners

After the first run, KBibTeX will propose to make it the default editor for bibliography formats. We recommend you to do so.[1]

Then you will see a window that looks similar to this:

KBibTeX window after the first start

To start a new bibliography document press the New button on the right panel, the New button on the toolbar or choose the FileNew (Ctrl+N) menu item.

Now it is time to add some entries.

Users of KBibTeX have two choices when adding a new entry: they can use the Online Search panel to find entry data online or they can write the code by hand.

Let's try to add a book entry manually.

  1. Choose ElementNew elementNew entry from the KBibTeX menu. KBibTeX should open Edit Element window.

    KBibTeX element's editing window
  2. Choose Book from the Type: drop down list.

  3. Enter Lamport86 into the Id: field.


    The Id is used for referencing the bibliography entry in your main document.

  4. Go to the Title tab and enter LaTeX: A Document Preparation System into the Title: text box.

  5. Go to the Author/Editor tab, click on Add button and enter Lamport, Leslie.

  6. Go to the Publication tab then enter 1986 into the Year: text box and Addison-Wesley into the Publisher: text box.

  7. Click OK.

  8. Choose FileSave (Ctrl+S) menu item and save your bibliography file as example.bib in your to-be-written paper folder.

[1] If for some reasons you will decide to reconsider please remove the strings with kbibtex substring from mimeapps.list file in .local/share/applications folder of your home folder.