KBibTeX's Main Features

KBibTeX allows you to do the following things:

  • Enter a preamble that defines how special text should be formatted in your bibliography using ElementNew elementNew preamble menu item or Main Toolbar.

  • Choose an entry encoding using Encoding item in Save as dialog or on the File Settings panel.

  • Enter comments that are not taken in regard by BibTEX using ElementNew elementNew comment menu item or Main Toolbar.

  • Preview and save bibliography entries in various formats (Source (BibTEX), Source (RIS), Wikipedia, standard (XML/XSLT), fancy (XML/XSLT), and abstract-only (XML/XSLT)) using Reference Preview panel. Additional preview styles become available when bibtex2html is installed.

  • Search for the bibliography entries data in online databases using Online Search panel.

  • View local or remote (online) resources (such as files) linked in the BibTEX entry using Document Preview panel.

  • Find and fix duplicate entries in bibliography using EditFind Duplicates menu item or Main Toolbar.

  • Import your Zotero library using Zotero panel.