Bank & Accounts

This is the plugin dedicated to managing your different accounts.

The Bank & Accounts view

Account properties

A Skrooge account has the following properties:


You may choose a bank from the drop down box (containing the list of known banks for your country), or type the name if your bank is not in the list (If the list is empty, the Skrooge team has not yet been provided this information. You may contact us to help!).


The name you want to use for this account.


The account type can be

  • Current

  • Credit Card: This kind of account has a specific reconciliation mode.

  • Saving

  • Investment

  • Assets

  • Loan: The transfers to this kind of account are not taken into account in reports.

  • Pension

  • Wallet: This kind of account does not have a bank name.

  • Other

Bank Number

The identification number of your bank

Agency Number

The identification number of the agency

Account Number

The identification number of the account. This value is very important to match the appropriate account during imports


The address of the agency


Anything you want!

Initial balance

The initial amount of the account. For a loan account, the amount should be a negative amount corresponding to the loan.

Minimum limit

The minimum limit when Skrooge must raise an alarm

Maximum limit

The maximum limit when Skrooge must raise an alarm

Accounts list

The accounts list takes the form of a table with one line per account. In addition to the properties you defined for this account, Skrooge displays the following columns:


The amount available on the account, considering all transactions registered, whether they are validated or not.


The amount of all validated transactions. This should be equal to the amount written on your last account's position from your bank.


The difference between the two previous columns

Number of transactions

The total number of transactions made on this account

As with all Skrooge list views, you can fully customize the table appearance.

Create an Account

You create accounts in the editing panel below the accounts list in Accounts view.

To create an account, enter its attributes (the mandatory ones are in bold), and click on Add. Skrooge doesn't need you to provide the initial amount of this account. In order to set the initial amount of the account, create a transaction corresponding to the initial amount.

Modify an Account

To modify an account, select it, modify its attributes, and click on "Modify"

Delete Accounts

To delete accounts, select them and either press Delete on the keyboard, use the contextual menu, or use the icon in the toolbar.


Upon deleting an account, all transactions belonging to this account will also be deleted! However, you can always undo the deletion.