Chapter 7. Keyboard Commands

Keyboard Usage

In this chapter you will learn how to use the keyboard effectively, because most operations can be done more quickly by keyboard than with the mouse. It will take some time to learn the Key-Bindings, but mastering them saves you a lot of time. Please note that Krusader can use Key-binding Profiles to swap easily to other Key-binding setups, e.g. of other commanders, or you can create your own key-bindings.

After starting Krusader, the keyboard action can begin. Use Ctrl+L to jump to the Location Toolbar where you can type the desired folder. After Ctrl+Down you are in the Terminal emulator and you can type any command you desire, provided that the terminal is shown. Use Ctrl+Up to jump back to the active panel. If you want to jump to a file or folder that starts with f, then simply press f on the keyboard to use the search bar. Use the Enter key to execute the file or to open a folder that has the focus. Be sure to remember the Function Keys - F3 to View, F4 to Edit, F5 to Copy, Alt+Shift+U to Unpack, etc.

You can also perform several operations with the Folder tabs, including several selection operations. And at the end you can close Krusader with F10.