Chapter 3. Command Reference and Configuration

The Kooka Menubar

The File Menu

FileNew Folder...

Create a new folder to hold your images in the Kooka Gallery.

FileSave Image (Ctrl+S)

Save the image selected underneath the Kooka Gallery to a different folder on your disk.

See the Save section for details.

FileDelete Folder (Shift+Del)

Delete the folder selected underneath the Kooka Gallery.

FileNew Image From Selection (Ctrl+N)

If the scanned image includes more than you want to appear in the final image, use this tool to crop your image by marking your selection in the larger image display to the right then selecting this tool. The image is cropped according to your selection. You may already be familiar with this function from KolourPaint crop tool.

FileUnload Image

Remove the image displayed in the Image Viewer.

FilePrint (Ctrl+P)

Prints the displayed image.

FileQuit (Ctrl+Q)

Quit Kooka.

The Scan Menu

ScanOCR Image...

Start the optical character recognition (OCR) of the whole image using the recognition system defined on the OCR page in the settings dialog. This starts the character recognition for the preview image.

ScanOCR Selection...

A window will reappear for the character recognition. Here, however, the character recognition is only for the area highlighted in the final scan.

The Image Menu

The actions in this menu are also available in the context menu of the preview window.

ImageScale to Width (Ctrl+I)

This proportionally scales the image in the large canvas to the width of the display.

ImageScale to Height (Ctrl+H)

Proportionately scales the image to the height of the display.

ImageOriginal Size (Ctrl+1)

Restores the original scan size by reducing or enlarging the image in the display.

There are additional methods of scaling an image: right click the image display. Redefine the three named options and set the enlargement itself. This can also be done in the Preview window.

ImageMirror Vertically (Ctrl+V)

Flip image vertically.

ImageMirror Horizontally (Ctrl+M)

Flip image horizontally.

ImageRotate Counter-Clockwise (Ctrl+7)

Rotate the image ninety degrees counterclockwise.

ImageRotate Clockwise (Ctrl+9)

Rotate the image ninety degrees clockwise.

ImageRotate image 180 degrees (Ctrl+8)

Rotates image 180 degrees.

The Settings Menu

Apart from the common KDE Settings and Help menus described in the Menu chapter of the KDE Fundamentals documentation Kooka has these application specific menu entries:

SettingsSelect Scan Device...

If you have several scanners use this action to select a scanner and use a certain device always at startup.

SettingsAdd Scan Device...

Add a device which is not automatically detected at startup of Kooka.