Chapter 4. Save

More on Saving Images

The method for saving an image is somewhat different in Kooka than in many other applications. Click the Gallery tab to open a small file browser. This is the folder ~/Documents/KookaGallery. In the window, your current subfolder in the gallery is shown. This is where all scanned images are first saved as files. When starting Kooka for the first time, you will only see the KookaGallery. Create subfolders by right clicking this folder. The selected folder, highlighted in blue, is the first save location of the scanned images. The scans are labeled in ascending numerical order as in kscan_0001 and kscan_0002.

To save an image permanently, use Rename Image and give a new name and the appropriate ending for the image format chosen when scanning. If you enter a different extension, you will get a message that it does not correspond to the scanned format. Although you can still save the image under this name, it will retain its original format. At present, On-the-fly conversion is not offered.

If you do not want to use this method of managing your images in ~/Documents/KookaGallery/, you can, of course, save them to another location. To do this, right click the image name and select Save Image. Choose any path here. In addition, close or permanently delete images here.

To incorporate other images in the gallery, use FileImport Image or add them by dragging and dropping. Open the filemanager to the folder containing the desired images. Then add them to the Kooka gallery by dragging them and dropping them into the gallery.