Chapter 5. Institutions

Roger Lum

Jack H. Ostroff

Revision 5.0.0 (2018-02-01)

The Institutions view provides a summary of all the accounts grouped under their respective institutions. The list of accounts under any institution can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the arrow to the left of the institution name. The last listed institution is "Accounts with no institution assigned."

The Institutions view displays several columns, showing information about the account. It also shows the total value of all accounts in each institution. You can select which columns are shown by right clicking on any column heading and selecting or unselecting the checkbox next to the name of the column.

institution view

The following columns are available in the Institutions view.


The name of the institution or account.


The type of account, e.g., Savings, Checking, Credit Card, ...


An indication whether this account has been configured as important for tax purposes.


An indication whether this account has been configured to apply a VAT on transaction.

CC (Cost Center)

An indication that a cost center assignment is necessary under certain conditions when entering a transaction for this account. This is a new feature, which is not yet implemented, so this column is not currently used.

Total Balance

Another new feature, not yet implemented.

Posted Value

This is the balance of the account as provided by the institution.

Total Value

The balance of the account in KMyMoney. Note that for Institutions, this is the total of the balances for all accounts in that institution.


The account number, if one was entered.

Sort Code

This shows the IBAN number, if there is a value entered in the appropriate field on the Account information dialog.

Note that many of these same columns are also available in other views, such as the Accounts view. When you select or unselect a checkbox to display or remove a column, you will see a popup asking if you want to show or remove that column from all other views where it is present. If you check "No," you will only change the display of that column in the current view.

Institution Options

Right-clicking an institution name brings up an Institution Options sub-menu, providing you with several choices. Selecting New Institution... opens the New Institution Dialog, where you can enter all the necessary information to create a new institution. Selecting Edit Institution... brings up an editable window with institution details such as name and address. Selecting Delete Institution removes the entire institution and all its associated accounts. Keep in mind that you will only be able to delete an institution if you can delete all of its accounts, and you will only be able to delete each associated account if it has no transactions and no schedules refers to it. Selecting New account... steps you through the new account process, which is described in more detail in the next section.

Institution options sub-menu

New Institution

New Institution


You must have a file open before you can create a new institution. If you do not have an existing file, you will need to create one.

Only the name is required in the New Institution Dialog, all other fields are optional. As with the personal information dialog, this data is not currently used by KMyMoney, but will be required by future releases for certain features. In particular, the Bank Code and the BIC (Bank Identifier Code) will be required for online banking.