KBibTeX's Toolbars

KBibTeX has two completely customizable toolbars located on the top part of its window.

More information on customizing the toolbars can be found in the corresponding section of KDE Fundamentals manual. Below is the short description of the default buttons of KBibTeX toolbars.

Main Toolbar

Main Toolbar

The default Main Toolbar of KBibTeX.

  • New: creates a new bibliography document.

  • Open: opens the generic KDE Open/Save dialog to open some existing bibliography to edit.

  • Close: closes the currently active bibliography document.

  • Save: saves the currently active bibliography document.

  • Save as: allows to save the currently open bibliography document under the new name using the generic KDE Open/Save dialog.

  • New element: allows to create the new entry, comment, preamble or macro in the current bibliography document.

  • Find Duplicates: finds and fixes duplicate elements in the current bibliography document.

  • Send to LyX/Kile: sends a reference on the currently selected bibliography entry to LyX or Kile. More on this in the corresponding chapter of this manual.

Filter Toolbar

Filter Toolbar

The default Filter Toolbar of KBibTeX.

The simplest method to navigate in large bibliographies is to use the Filter toolbar: KBibTeX will filter the displayed list according to your input. If you are searching for some element, but you do not know its exact position in the list, just type some letters from its data in the Filter text box.

When you enter the first few letters, you will see the list changing. The more letters you enter, the more reduced list you will see. This filtering occurs immediately as you type.

If you look at the right part of the Filter toolbar, you will notice two drop-down menus. The drop-down menus were designed for you to be able to quickly tailor filtering criteria to your needs. The first drop-down menu is used to define matching mode (any word, every word or exact phrase). The second is to define the field where the filtering should be done. You can choose any field or select a field to narrow down the list of the results in large bibliographies.

There are also two buttons on this toolbar:

  • Include PDF files in fulltext search: allows you to include fulltext PDF in the filtering.

  • Reset filter criteria: resets filtering criteria.