Suppose your bibliography contains many references to the same journal and you do not want to enter its title over and over again. Then you can define a macro for the journal title.

Let's say, we want to define a macro efm for Engineering Fracture Mechanics. Then we should do as follows:

  1. Choose ElementNew elementNew macro menu item.

  2. Enter an identifier (abbreviation) for the title in the Id: text box. The default identifier is New1. We should enter efm.

  3. Choose (Plain Text). The other option, (Source Code) can be used if you want to insert some macro with LATEX commands in it.

  4. Enter Engineering Fracture Mechanics in the Value: textbox.

    Defining macro
  5. Click on the Apply button.

  6. Optionally, switch to the Source tab to inspect the code of the macro.

    Defining macro (source code)
  7. Click on OK button.

The same procedure can be used to fix the titles, author and month names, etc. according to abbreviation rules of your publisher for the entries from online databases. By default, these rules (macros) should be defined in the bibliography style files (bst).