Chapter 6.  Integration with Kile and LyX

KBibTeX can be easily integrated with common LATEX editors, namely Kile and LyX.

Integration with Kile

Kile is a TEX and LATEX source editor and shell.

KBibTeX is a default viewer/editor for BibTEX files in Kile, so there is no need for additional configuration.

To add selected citations from bibliography files start Kile, open some LATEX file, place the cursor there you want to add the citation, then switch to KBibTeX window, select elements in the element list and choose ElementSend to LyX/Kile or use the Send to LyX/Kile element's context (right mouse button-click) menu item.

The citations will be inserted as \cite{element identifiers} at the cursor position in the current Kile document.