Chapter 3. Projects

General Notes

The projects are one of the main concepts in Lokalize. A project is represented by a file that contains paths, folders with translations, templates, and other files: glossary file, automation scripts, translation memories. Whenever Lokalize opens a file without a project loaded, it will search for a project file in the parent folders (up to four levels). Alternatively, you can specify the project file via the --project flag when starting Lokalize from the command line.

For each project you select your role in it (translator, reviewer, approver), which in turn affects the workflow phase Lokalize automatically picks up for files you edit.

It is possible to define a word wrapping position on a project level. Just use the ProjectConfigure project... menu item then go to the Advanced page.


Translation memories (unlike project files, glossary and scripts) are not shared between the translation team members, as they are created and stored under the user's home folder, meaning that the translation memories for all of the projects are stored in the same folder and thus can be used when other projects are opened.