General Tips

If you are doing translations for KDE, then either you will already have Lokalize project file in your language folder (usually named index.lokalize), or you can select ProjectCreate new project and the wizard will download translation files for your language and will create project for you.


It is recommended that you get used to the keyboard shortcuts instead of the menus and toolbars for increased productivity. For example, use the Ctrl+L to focus Quick search input line to filter the unit list in Translation Units view. Once you are done, press Page Down to start moving along the filtered list.

If you are working with translation files in XLIFF format (definitely the case when you translate OpenDocument), then extended states are available (new, needs review, approved, etc.). You may select them in drop-down menu of Approved button in the toolbar. Classification of the state as ready or not ready depends on the current workflow phase (translation, review, approval). A default phase for you depends on your role in the project (set in project settings). Each unit usually contains information about phase it was changed last time, and for each phase its owner is logged to the file.