Help Krusader

Here is your opportunity to contribute to the Krusader project. There are things that need to be done, but cannot be done by us. If you feel you can help, do not hesitate to contact us; every OpenSource can use some help. Please also check the contribute donate URL page on our website for more recent information. Thanks!

To get contributor account and commit changes to Krusader by yourselves you should follow this tutorial. Some useful advices on using KDE Git can be found here. It is a good practice to use review board for the non-trivial patches.


Help is needed (we are looking for documentation writers) for keeping the Krusader documentation up to date. The draft explanation of new features is done by the developers on the krusader-devel mailing list, but we need editors to add this information in the handbook. By playing with the new features these editors can give valuable information to the developers for making the new features even better!

Krusader Extensions

Please upload your favourite extensions at, so that they become available for the Krusader community. Maybe they will be shipped by default with Krusader at the next release :-)).

Spread the Word Krusader

If you like Krusader, let people know! Write articles and reviews for internet or print publications. Encourage your friends to give Krusader a try. Participate in forums to help others in the community.

GUI Translations

Krusader is available in many languages, but sometimes translations do need an update or translations to new languages are always welcome. If you are interested in translating the Krusader GUI, please contact the KDE translation team of your language.

Documentation Translations

If you are interested in translating this Krusader documentation, please contact the KDE translation team of your language.


Actually, we had not considered donations, until users asked us for a way to Donate to the project. Krusader is, and always will be free, in all the terms of the GNU Public License.


We are always in need of packagers for different distro rpm's, deb's, etc. All help is welcome.

Users' feedback for the Krusader Mac® OS X port

There is a Mac® OS-X port with the help of , the port was maintained by Jonas Bähr, all feedback is welcome.


If you have a question that is missing in the FAQ, we would like to hear it.

Rate Krusader

On some websites like or you can give a rate, if you like Krusader go to one of these sites and rate Krusader, thanks.


Feedback, Bug reports, patches, etc. are always welcome! An open source project's greatest strength is derived from getting user feedback.