Chapter 2. Command Reference

The Menubar

The menubar is at the top of the Konsole window. If the menubar is hidden, Show Menu Bar can be reached by right clicking in the window (as long as no full screen application is running in that window such as vi, minicom, etc.). The default shortcut is listed after each menu item.

Alternatively you can use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+M to show or hide the menubar.

File Menu

FileNew Window (Ctrl+Shift+N)

Opens a new separate Konsole window with the default profile

FileNew Tab (Ctrl+Shift+T)

Opens a new tab with the default profile


The first profile in the submenu will always be "Default" which is the built-in profile. All other profiles will be listed below that in alphabetical order. The user specified default profile will be in bold type.

FileClone Tab

Attempts to clone the current tab in a new tab

FileSave Output As... (Ctrl+Shift+S)

Saves the current scrollback as a text or html file

FilePrint Screen ... (Ctrl+Shift+P)

Print the current screen. By default the output is scaled to fit the size of the paper being printed on with black text color and no background. In the print dialog these options can be changed on the Output Options tab.

FileOpen File Manager

Opens KDE's file manager at the current directory. By default, that is Dolphin.

FileClose Session (Ctrl+Shift+W)

Closes the current session

FileClose Window (Ctrl+Shift+Q)

Quits Konsole


Konsole will display a confirmation dialog if there is more than one session open or if there are certain programs running in any session. These dialogs can be disabled by clicking on the Do not ask again checkbox.

Edit Menu

EditCopy (Ctrl+Shift+C)

Copies the selected text to the clipboard

EditPaste (Ctrl+Shift+V)

Pastes text from the clipboard at the cursor location

EditSelect All

Selects all the text in current window

EditCopy Input ToAll Tabs in Current Window

Allows input from the current session to be sent simultaneously to all sessions in current window

EditCopy Input ToSelect Tabs... (Ctrl+Shift+.)

Allows input from the current session to be sent simultaneously to sessions picked by user

EditCopy Input ToNone (Ctrl+Shift+/)

Stop sending input from current session into other sessions

EditSend Signal

Send the specified signal to the shell process, or other process, that was launched when the new session was started.

Currently available signals are:

STOPto stop process
CONTcontinue if stopped
HUPhangup detected on controlling terminal, or death of controlling process
INTinterrupt from keyboard
TERMtermination signal
KILLkill signal
USR1user signal 1
USR2user signal 2

Refer to your system manual pages for further details by giving the command man 7 signal.

EditConfigure Tab Settings... (Ctrl+Alt+S)

Opens a dialog box allowing you to change the name format, the remote tab title format and the color of the current tab (more info)

EditZModem Upload... (Ctrl+Alt+U)

Opens up a dialog to select a file to be uploaded if the required software is installed

EditFind... (Ctrl+Shift+F)

Opens a search bar at the bottom of Konsole's window

This allows for case sensitive, forward or backwards, and regular expressions searches.

EditFind Next (F3)

Moves to the next search instance . If the search bar has the focus, you can use the shortcut Enter as well.

EditFind Previous (Shift+F3)

Moves to the previous search instance . If the search bar has the focus, you can use the shortcut Shift+Enter as well.

View Menu

ViewSplit ViewSplit View Left/Right (Ctrl+()

Splits all the tabs into left and right views

Any output on one view is duplicated in the other view.

ViewSplit ViewSplit View Top/Bottom (Ctrl+))

Splits all the tabs into top and bottom views

Any output on one view is duplicated in the other view.

ViewSplit ViewExpand View (Ctrl+Shift+])

Makes the current view larger

ViewSplit ViewShrink View (Ctrl+Shift+[)

Makes the current view smaller

ViewSplit ViewToggle maximize current view (Ctrl+Shift+E)

Toggles the current view between current size and the maximize size

ViewSplit ViewEqual size to all views (Ctrl+Shift+\)

Sets the same size for all views

ViewDetach Current Tab (Ctrl+Shift+L)

Opens the current tab in a separate window

Quitting the previous Konsole window will not affect the newly created window.

ViewDetach Current View (Ctrl+Shift+H)

Opens the current split view in a separate window

ViewSave tab layout to file

Allows you to save the tab layout of the current view in a specialized Konsole layout file which can then be loaded to restore one of your favorite layouts.

ViewLoad tab layout from file

Allows you to load one of your favorite view layouts from the layout file that has been saved using the ViewSave tab layout to file menu item earlier. The default layouts (2x2, 2x1, and 1x2) can be loaded via toolbar.

ViewMonitor for Silence (Ctrl+Shift+I)

Toggles the monitoring of the current tab for lack of activity

By default, after 10 seconds of inactivity, an info icon will appear on the session's tab. The type of alerts can be changed through SettingsConfigure NotificationsSilence in monitored session.

ViewMonitor for Activity (Ctrl+Shift+A)

Toggles the monitoring of the current tab for activity

Upon any activity, an info icon will appear on the session's tab. The type of alerts can be changed through SettingsConfigure NotificationsActivity in monitored session.

ViewMonitor for Process Finishing

Toggles the monitoring of the current tab for the process finishing.

If checked, upon finishing the current process, Konsole will show a notification The process 'name of the process' has finished running in session 'name of the session'.


Toggles the session to be read-only: no input is accepted, drag and drop is disabled.

ViewEnlarge Font (Ctrl++)

Increases the text font size

ViewReset Font Size (Ctrl+0)

Reset the text font size to the profile default

ViewShrink Font (Ctrl+-)

Decreases the text font size

ViewSet Encoding

Sets the character encoding

ViewClear Scrollback

Clears the text in the scrollback

ViewClear Scrollback and Reset (Ctrl+Shift+K)

Clears the text in the current tab and scrollback and resets the terminal

ViewFull Screen Mode (F11)

Toggles Konsole filling the entire screen

Bookmarks Menu

BookmarksAdd Bookmark (Ctrl+Shift+B)

Adds the current location

BookmarksBookmark Tabs as Folder...

Adds all tabs to a bookmark folder

A dialog will open for the bookmark folder name.

BookmarksNew Bookmark Folder...

Adds a new folder to the bookmark list

A dialog will open for the bookmark folder name.

BookmarksEdit Bookmarks

Opens the bookmark editor


The keditbookmarks program must be installed for this menu item to appear.

You can use the bookmark editor to manually add URLs. Currently, Konsole accepts the following:

  • ssh://user@host:port

  • telnet://user@host:port

Plugins Menu

Any installed plugins will be listed or "No plugins available"

Settings Menu

SettingsEdit Current Profile...

Opens a dialog to configure current profile

SettingsSwitch Profile

Switch current profile to a listed profile

SettingsManage Profiles...

Opens an editor for managing profiles

SettingsWindow Color Scheme

Change Konsole's GUI to the specified scheme

SettingsShow Menu Bar (Ctrl+Shift+M)

Toggles the menubar being visible

SettingsToolbars Shown

Allows visibility toggling of the Konsole toolbars

SettingsShow Statusbar

Toggles the statusbar being visible

SettingsConfigure Language...

Opens window to choose an interface translation of Konsole.

SettingsConfigure Keyboard Shortcuts...

Opens the keyboard shortcut editor. More on shortcuts configuration can be found in the KDE Fundamentals.

Additionally Konsole has a few special shortcuts with no corresponding menu item:

Shift+RightNext Tab
Shift+LeftPrevious Tab
Ctrl+Alt+LeftMove Tab Left
Ctrl+Alt+RightMove Tab Right
Ctrl+Shift+InsPaste Selection
SettingsConfigure Toolbars...

Opens the toolbar configuration window

SettingsConfigure Notifications...

Opens the notifications editor

SettingsConfigure Konsole...

Opens the Konsole settings editor

This dialog has options influencing the appearance and behaviour of the Konsole window.

  • The General page allows configuring the menubar visibility, remembering the Konsole window size, running all Konsole windows in a single process, enabling menu accelerators, showing window title on the titlebar, removing window titlebar and frame, and focusing terminals when the mouse pointer is moved over them. It is also possible to configure the search case sensitivity, usage of the regular expression, highlighting all matches, and the search direction (Search backwards is the default). The General page is also the place where you can Enable all "Don't Ask Again" messages again if they were switched off before.

  • The Profiles page is meant for creating and handling profiles.

  • Using the Tab Bar/Splitters page you can configure the visibility and placement of tab bar, define tabs behavior and fine-tune the tab buttons options. It is possible to configure if you want to Show 'New Tab' button and Expand individual tab widths to full window or configure Use user-defined stylesheet. The Behavior tab can be used to define the place for the new tabs (At the end or After current tab) and closing of tabs with a middle mouse button click.

    It is also possible to configure visibility of the split headers (When needed (default), Always, or Never) and define the drag handle size for splits (Small (default), Medium, or Large) using the Splits tab of this configuration page.

  • The Temporary Files page is used to define the scrollback file location.

  • The Thumbnails page can be used to define the thumbnail size and activation options (you can choose the activation control key from Shift, Alt, and Ctrl).


    To use the thumbnails feature showing image thumbnails in popups when hovering image items with the mouse pointer, you should enable file underlining for your current profile: SettingsEdit Current Profile...MouseMiscellaneousUnderline files.

Help Menu

Konsole has the some of the common KDE Help menu items, for more information read the section about the Help Menu of the KDE Fundamentals.