Profiles allow the user to quickly and easily automate the running of common commands. Examples could include:

  • ssh into another machine

  • starting an irc session

  • use tail to watch a file

All new and changed profiles are saved in the user's local home folder in $XDG_DATA_HOME/konsole.

Procedure to create a new profile:

  1. Click on the menu entry SettingsManage Profiles...

  2. Switch to the Profiles page.

  3. Click on the button New Profile....

  4. Fill in the first entry with a name. This is the name that will show in the menu, and will be the default label instead of Shell when you start a session of this type.

  5. Enter a command just as you normally would if you opened a new shell and were going to issue that command. For our first example above, you might type ssh administration.

  6. On the other tabs of the dialog, configure this session's appearance. You can configure a different font, color scheme, $TERM type and many other settings for each session.

  7. Press the OK button. The new session is now available in the Manage Profiles... dialog.