The Documents List


The documents list displays a list of all documents currently open in Kate. Modified files will have a small floppy disk icon on their left to indicate that state.

On the top the Documents list has a toolbar with the following buttons:

Create new document
Open an existing document
Previous Document
Next Document
Save the current document
Save the current document under a new name

By default, the Documents list appears in Tree Mode, which displays the folder structure surrounding all currently open documents. Also available is List Mode, which displays a simple list of all open documents. You can switch modes by right-clicking on the list and selecting from the View Mode menu.

If two or more files with the same name (located in different folders) are open in List Mode, the names of the second will be prepended (2) and so on. The tool-tip for the file will display its full name including the path, allowing you to choose the desired one.

To display a document in the currently active frame, click the document name in the list.

The context menu has some common actions from the File menu.

Additionally there are filemanager actions to rename or delete the file. With Copy Location you can copy the full path of the document to the clipboard.

You can sort the list in a few different ways by right clicking the list and selecting from the Sort By menu. The options are:

Document Name

Lists the documents alphabetically by their name.

Document Path

Lists the documents alphabetically by the path to them.

Opening Order

Lists the documents in the order of opening.

The document list will per default visualize your history by shading the entries for the most recent documents with a background color. If the document was edited, an extra color is blended in. The most recent document has the strongest color, so that you can easily find the documents you are working on. This feature can be disabled in the Documents page of the configuration dialog.

The default location of the document list in the Kate window is to the left of the editing area.

Menu Structure

ViewPrevious Document (Alt+Up)

Opens the document displayed above the currently open document in the Documents list.

ViewNext Document (Alt+Down)

Opens the document displayed below the currently open document in the Documents list.

ViewShow Active

Displays the currently open document in the Documents list.


Background Shading

This section allows you to enable or disable the background shading visualization of your recent activity, and choose which colors to use if enabled.

Sort By

Set how you want the document list sorted. This can be set from the right mouse button menu in the document list as well.

View Mode

This provides two options that effect the display of the Documents tool view. The Tree View option will display the documents in a tree underneath the folders they are in, while the List View option will display a flat list of documents.

Show Full Path

When Tree View and this option are enabled, the folder entries displayed in the Documents tool view will display the full filesystem path to the folder in addition to the name of the folder. It has no effect in List View.

Show Toolbar

When Tree View and this option are enabled, a toolbar with actions like Save is displayed above the list of documents. Uncheck this option if the toolbar should be hidden.

Show Close Button

When this option is enabled, Kate will show a close button for opened documents on hover.