File System Browser

The File System Browser is a folder viewer, allowing you to open files from a displayed folder in the current frame.

Menu Structure

ViewTool ViewsShow Filesystem Browser

Toggle the display of Kate's Filesystem Browser.


From the top down, the Filesystem Browser consists of the following elements:

A Toolbar

This contains standard navigations tool buttons:


Causes the folder view to cd to the previously displayed folder in the history. This button is disabled, if there is no previous item.


Causes the folder view to cd to the next folder in the history. This button is disabled, if there is no next folder.


Opens a submenu to edit or add bookmarks and to add a new bookmark folder.

Current Document Folder

This button will cause the folder view to cd to the folder of the currently active document if possible. This button is disabled, if the active document is a new, unsaved file, or the folder in which it resides can not be decided.

Short View

Displays only the filenames.

Detailed View

Displays Name, Date and Size of the files.

Tree View

Like Short View, but folders can be expanded to view their contents.

Detailed Tree View

This also allows folders to be expanded, but displays the additional columns available in Detailed View.

Show Hidden Files

Displays files normally hidden by your operating system.

Automatically synchronize with current document

When this option is enabled the filesystem browser will automatically cd to the folder of the document currently open in the editing area every time it changes.

A Location Entry

This displays a breadcrumb navigation to the currently open folder, similarly to Dolphin. You can click on a any folder to browse to it, or click on one of the arrows to the left of a folder to select any folders beneath it. You may also select from your list of Places by clicking the leftmost icon in the breadcrumb navigation, which displays an icon that represents your current Place.

You can also click to the right of the breadcrumbs to change them to a text box where you can type the path of a folder to browse. The URL entry maintains a list of previously typed paths. To choose one, use the arrow button to the right of the entry.


The URL entry has folder auto-completion. The completion method can be set using the right mouse button menu of the text entry.

A Folder View

This is a standard KDE folder view.

A Filter Entry

The Filter entry allows you to enter a filter for the files displayed in the folder view. The filter uses standard globs; patterns must be separated by white space. Example: *.cpp *.h *.moc

To display all files, enter a single asterisk *.

The filter entry saves the last 10 filters entered between sessions. To use one, press the arrow button on the right of the entry and select the desired filter string. You can disable the filter by pressing the Clear text button to the left of the autocompletion arrow button.


This plugin can be configured on the Filesystem Browser page of Kate's configuration.


Configure the buttons on the Filesystem Browser toolbar by moving the ones you want enabled to the Selected Actions list, and order them using the arrow buttons at the side of the list.