Chapter 2. Using Ark

Opening Archives

To open an archive in Ark, choose Open... (Ctrl+O) from the Archive menu. You can also open archive files by dragging and dropping from Dolphin. Archive files should be associated with Ark, so you can also right click a file in Dolphin and select Open with Ark to open it or select an extract action for this file.

If you have enabled the information panel in the Settings menu additional information about the selected folders or files in the archive is displayed.

Archive Operations

Various operations can be performed for an opened archive by using the Archive menu. For example, you can save the archive with a different name using Save As.... Archive properties such as type, size and MD5 hash can be viewed using the Properties item.

Ark has the ability to test archives for integrity. This functionality is currently available for zip, rar and 7z archives. The test action can be found in the Archive menu.

Archive Comments

Ark can handle comments embedded in zip and rar archives.

Comments embedded in zip archives are automatically displayed.

Using rar archives you can modify a comment with the actions Add Comment or Edit comment (Alt+C) from the Archive menu.

Editing a comment


The comment menu item is enabled only for rar archives.

To remove a comment from a rar archive delete the text in the comment window.