Extracting Files

Once an archive has been opened in Ark, it can be extracted. This can be done by selecting Extract from the File menu. This opens a submenu with previously accessed folders, and you can choose to quickly extract into any of these. Alternatively, select the submenu item Extract To... to open the Extract dialog, where you can set various options that affect the extraction. See below for information on the available options in the Extract dialog.

You can also use the Extract button in the toolbar to access the same extraction options.

To extract the entire archive, you can select Extract All from the Archive menu. This action unconditionally extracts all files in the archive.

It is possible to extract files and folders by simply dragging them with the mouse to a folder in Dolphin.

Note: Extracting files from an archive does not change the archive and its contents.

The Extract dialog

The Extract dialog allows you to choose where the files will be extracted to. The default location is the folder the archive is in. The dialog can also be opened by pressing Ctrl+E.

Ark's Extract dialog

You can specify to extract the files into a subfolder. The default name of this subfolder is the archive name without the filename extension, but you can edit it to your needs. If you want to preserve paths when extracting, select the Preserve paths when extracting option. You may also choose to open the destination folder in Dolphin or close Ark once the extraction is complete.

If one or more files in the archive list are highlighted, you can also select which files to extract:

  • Selected files only extracts only the files which have been selected.

  • All files extracts the entire contents of the archive.