Chapter 10. Parser functions

The LabPlot parser allows you to use following functions:

Standard functions

cbrt(x)Cube root
ceil(x)Truncate upward to integer
fabs(x)Absolute value
gamma(x)Gamma function
ldexp(x,y)x * 2y
ln(x)Logarithm, base e
log(x)Logarithm, base e
log10(x)Logarithm, base 10
logb(x)Radix-independent exponent
pow(x,n)power function xn
powint(x,n)integer power function xn
pow2(x)power function x2
pow3(x)power function x3
pow4(x)power function x4
pow5(x)power function x5
pow6(x)power function x6
pow7(x)power function x7
pow8(x)power function x8
pow9(x)power function x9
rint(x)round to nearest integer
round(x)round to nearest integer
sqrt(x)Square root
tgamma(x)Gamma function
trunc(x)Returns the greatest integer less than or equal to x