GSL constants

For more information about this constants see the documentation of GSL.

c The speed of light in vacuum
mu0The permeability of free space
e0The permittivity of free space
hThe Planck constant h
hbarThe reduced Planck constant ℏ
naAvogadro's number
fThe molar charge of 1 Faraday
kThe Boltzmann constant
r0The molar gas constant
v0The standard gas volume
sigmaThe Stefan–Boltzmann constant
gaussThe magnetic field of 1 Gauss
auThe length of 1 astronomical unit (mean earth-sun distance)
GThe gravitational constant
lyThe distance of 1 light-year
pcThe distance of 1 parsec
ggThe standard gravitational acceleration on Earth
msThe mass of the Sun
eeThe charge of the electron
eVThe energy of 1 electron volt
amuThe unified atomic mass
meThe mass of the electron
mmuThe mass of the muon
mpThe mass of the proton
mnThe mass of the neutron
alphaThe electromagnetic fine structure constant
ryThe Rydberg constant
a0The Bohr radius
aThe length of 1 angstrom
barn The area of 1 barn
muBThe Bohr Magneton
munThe Nuclear Magneton
mueThe magnetic moment of the electron
mupThe magnetic moment of the proton
sigmaTThe Thomson cross section for an electron
pDThe debye
minThe number of seconds in 1 minute
hThe number of seconds in 1 hour
d The number of seconds in 1 day
weekThe number of seconds in 1 week
inThe length of 1 inch
ftThe length of 1 foot
yardThe length of 1 yard
milThe length of 1 mil (1/1000th of an inch)
v_km_per_hThe speed of 1 kilometer per hour
v_mile_per_hThe speed of 1 mile per hour
nmileThe length of 1 nautical mile
fathomThe length of 1 fathom
knotThe speed of 1 knot
pt The length of 1 printer's point (1/72 inch)
texptThe length of 1 TeX point (1/72.27 inch)
micronThe length of 1 micrometre
hectareThe area of 1 hectare
acreThe area of 1 acre
literThe volume of 1 liter
us_gallonThe volume of 1 US gallon
can_gallonThe volume of 1 Canadian gallon
uk_gallonThe volume of 1 UK gallon
quartThe volume of 1 quart
pintThe volume of 1 pint
poundThe mass of 1 pound
ounceThe mass of 1 ounce
tonThe mass of 1 ton
mtonThe mass of 1 metric ton (1000 kg)
uk_tonThe mass of 1 UK ton
troy_ounceThe mass of 1 troy ounce
caratThe mass of 1 carat
gram_forceThe force of 1 gram weight
pound_forceThe force of 1 pound weight
kilepound_forceThe force of 1 kilopound weight
poundalThe force of 1 poundal
calThe energy of 1 calorie
btuThe energy of 1 British Thermal Unit
thermThe energy of 1 Therm
hpThe power of 1 horsepower
barThe pressure of 1 bar
atmThe pressure of 1 standard atmosphere
torrThe pressure of 1 torr
mhgThe pressure of 1 meter of mercury
inhgThe pressure of 1 inch of mercury
inh2oThe pressure of 1 inch of water
psiThe pressure of 1 pound per square inch
poiseThe dynamic viscosity of 1 poise
stokesThe kinematic viscosity of 1 stokes
stilbThe luminance of 1 stilb
lumenThe luminous flux of 1 lumen
luxThe illuminance of 1 lux
photThe illuminance of 1 phot
ftcandleThe illuminance of 1 footcandle
lambertThe luminance of 1 lambert
ftlambertThe luminance of 1 footlambert
curieThe activity of 1 curie
roentgenThe exposure of 1 roentgen
radThe absorbed dose of 1 rad
NThe force of 1 newton
dyneThe force of 1 dyne
JThe energy of 1 joule
ergThe energy of 1 erg