Chapter 3. Command Reference

The File Menu

FileNew (Ctrl+N)

Creates a new LabPlot project file.

In a project file all settings and all plots are stored in ASCII format.

FileOpen (Ctrl+O)

Opens a LabPlot project file.

FileOpen Recent

Opens a recent LabPlot project file.

Here the last used 10 project files are listed.

FileSave (Ctrl+S)

Saves the actual project.

If you haven't saved the project before the project is saved under a temporary project file name.

FileSave As

Saves the actual project under a different name.

FilePrint (Ctrl+P)

Prints the active plot.

Here a print dialog is opened where you can select the printer, different paper sizes, etc.

FilePrint Preview

Open a print preview window. LabPlot allows you to choose print settings using the toolbar of this window and view the result immediately.

FileNewSpreadsheet (Ctrl+=)

Creates a new spreadsheet in the current folder of LabPlot project.

FileNewWorksheet (Alt+X)

Creates a new worksheet in the current folder of LabPlot project.


Creates a new spreadsheet in the current folder of LabPlot project.

FileNewFile Data Source

Opens Import data to spreadsheet/matrix window.

FileImport (Ctrl+Shift+L)

Import data into the active spreadsheet

This item can be used to import data into LabPlot. Please read more in the import dialog section.


Saves the active plot as special format.

Currently supported are Encapsulated Postscript (EPS), Portable Document Format (PDF), Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and Portable Network Graphics (PNG).

FileClose (Ctrl+W)

Closes the current opened LabPlot project file.

FileQuit (Ctrl+Q)

Quit LabPlot.