Import Dialog

In the import dialog you can import data into one of the available spreadsheets or matrices in LabPlot. The supported data formats are


  • Binary

  • Image

  • NetCDF

  • HDF5

  • FITS

Preview of all supported file types is available in the import dialog. For data formats with complex internal structures (like NetCDF, HDF5 and FITS), the content of the file is presented in a tree view that allows comfortable navigation through the file. A versatile dialog to edit the headers (keywords) of a FITS file is also provided.

Import of ascii and binary data compressed with gzip, bzip2 or xz can be done directly as the decompression happens transparently for the user.

The name of the file containing the data to import has to be provided. The File Info button opens a dialog where some information about the selected file is shown. The type of the data can be specified - currently, only ASCII files containing several data sets (vectors) stored as columns are supported. The filter - automatic or custom - determines how the file has to be parsed. Selecting the filter "custom", several parameters like separating character etc. can be provided manually in this case.

The start and end row to read can be customized using the Data portion to read tab. To read all data specify -1 as an end row or column.

Importing data into LabPlot