Chapter 2. Using KuickShow

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More KuickShow features

Using KuickShow is very simple. The file browser lists files, which you can select with a left mouse button click or the Return key.


More KuickShow features

The options dialog makes available more possibilities:

  • Images can be automatically shrunk to fit onto the screen, if they are larger.

  • You can configure whether images should show up in their own window, or always use the same window.

  • You can set the delay time for a slide show.

  • You can tell the browser which file types to show.

  • You can tweak the speed/quality ratio

If you are looking for a certain file, just enter the first few characters of its filename in the browser. A small edit window will pop up in the bottom right corner. When a matching file is found, it is highlighted. You can leave the edit window by pressing Return or Esc.