Chapter 3. The KuickShow Configuration Dialog

The KuickShow Configuration dialog contains 5 tabs. Three of them, General, Modifications and Slideshow configure the operation of KuickShow, and the other two, Viewer Shortcuts and Browser Shortcuts allow you to personalize the shortcuts for the respective windows.

General Options

The General contains the options to configure and tune KuickShow.

Fullscreen mode

If this is selected, images open in full screen mode. If the image is not large enough to fill the screen, the rest of the screen is filled with the background color selected below. The default is off.

Preload next image

If this is selected, KuickShow will load the next image in the folder, while you are looking at the current one. This reduces the delay when you select the next image, and is especially useful for slide shows.

Remember last folder

If this is selected, KuickShow saves the name of the last folder on exit. On next start KuickShow will open this folder in the browser window.

Background color:

Click on the colored bar to select a background color. This is used to fill the screen in fullscreen mode, or the window, if you have resized it larger than the image.

Show only files with extension:

You can configure KuickShow to only show you some of the file types it is capable of.


Fast rendering

Render things fast.

Dither in HiColor (15/16bit) modes

Dither in LowColor (<=8bit) modes

Use own color palette

Fast palette remapping

Maximum cache size (MB):