Training Preparation

Pretty much everything in the Typewriting Trainer home screen should be self-explanatory. The top toolbar is meant to be the place where you can view and configure Typewriting Trainer settings. The course selector can be used to view the information about the courses and switch between them.

Typewriting Trainer toolbar

The toolbar of Typewriting Trainer houses the profile button at the left and the application menu button at the right.

Profile management

The profile button with the name of your profile at the left of home screen toolbar can be used to manage Typewriting Trainer profiles.

Profile management in Typewriting Trainer

You can review the settings of the existing profiles, delete them or create a new profile using button.

To switch to the review mode press Edit. To select a profile and return to the home screen press Use Selected Profile .

Reviewing profile information

Typewriting Trainer menu

Typewriting Trainer menu can be opened using button in the toolbar of the home screen.

Typewriting Trainer menu

You can find a list of the menu items with their short descriptions below.

Full Screen Mode (Ctrl+Shift+F)

Toggle full screen mode of Typewriting Trainer on and off

Course and Keyboard Layout Editor...

Open the Typewriting Trainer editor window

Configure Typewriting Trainer...

Display the Typewriting Trainer configuration dialog

Configure Shortcuts...

Configure the shortcuts you want to associate with some actions

Configure Keyboard...

A shortcut to the System Settings module to configure the keyboard settings. Useful to prepare for training on a different keyboard layout.


On platforms lacking the support for detecting the keyboard layout automatically, especially Microsoft® Windows®, this entry is replaced with a submenu to select Typewriting Trainer's keyboard layout manually.

Typewriting Trainer has the common KDE Help menu item, for more information read the section about the Help Menu of the KDE Fundamentals.

Configuration dialog

You can customize Typewriting Trainer quite a bit. The settings apply for all profiles globally. Open the configuration dialog by pressing button at the right of the top toolbar of the home screen then choosing Configure Typewriting Trainer....

Training Settings

In this dialog you can select the options that control tutor window appearance and how Typewriting Trainer behaves during training.

Training options

The Enforce correction of typing errors check box can be used to control whether typing errors have to be corrected.

You can control the visibility of statistics and keyboard panes during training using Show keyboard and Show real-time statistics check boxes.

The keystroke to go to the next line of training text can be chosen from two options, Enter or Space.

The Lesson unlocking limits can be used to choose settings that control unlocking of higher level lessons. Typewriting Trainer checks the given limits at the end of each level and decides whether to unlock the next lesson. If the typing speed in characters per minute and correctness are both above or equal to the Lesson unlocking limits Typewriting Trainer will unlock the next higher level lesson.

Color Settings

In this dialog you can tweak the colors used by Typewriting Trainer.

Color settings

You can select the background color for each finger keys.

Course and lesson selection

Typewriting Trainer automatically detects your keyboard layout and shows only the courses optimized for this layout.


On some platforms, especially Windows®, keyboard layout auto-detection is not available. Use the application menu to select your keyboard layout manually.

Switching courses

Should there are more than one course available for your keyboard layout you can choose your favorite one using and buttons to the right of the label with course name. If there is only one course the buttons won't be visible.

Unlocking lessons

If you have chosen I have no or only very little experience in machine typing during initial profile creation you will find that some lessons are locked. These items are marked with icon and cannot be accessed until you pass the previous lessons.


The settings to pass lessons can be changed using Typewriting Trainer configuration dialog.

Training on a different keyboard layout

With Typewriting Trainer it is possible to use any keyboard layout for training. Just press the buttons that are highlighted by the trainer, regardless to the labels on your physical keyboard.

Select Configure Keyboard... in the application menu to select a different keyboard layout. After that Typewriting Trainer will adapt accordingly and present you its courses for this layout.


On platforms without keyboard layout auto-detection, especially Microsoft® Windows®, you have first configure your operating system to use the layout you want to train on and then select the same layout in Typewriting Trainer via the application menu.