How to move KMyMoney to a new computer

Moving your data

If you get a new computer, it's very easy to move your data. In fact, all you have to do is to copy your KMyMoney data file. The name of the file is shown in the title bar when KMyMoney is running, it usually ends in .kmy. The first time you run the application on the new computer you will have to tell it where you have put the data file, either by running from the command line, or from the FileOpen... menu item. You should even be able to move between Windows®, Mac® OS, and Linux® systems.

If you have encrypted your data file, be sure the appropriate software and keys have also been set up on the new computer.

If your data is in an SQL database, refer to documentation for your database software for guidance on migrating your data.

Note that this assumes you have installed the same version of KMyMoney on the new computer as you were running on the old computer. Installing a newer version should also be safe, but you need to be aware of any issues related to that upgrade. Any such issues should be noted in the release notes for the new version.

Moving your settings

If you only move your data file to the new machine, as described in the previous section, KMyMoney will work correctly, but you will have lost any settings you changed from the default on your old machine. To maintain these settings, you also need to copy your configuration file. This file is called kmymoneyrc. This file will be in a folder with other KDE application configuration files. On a Linux® system, this will be in $KDEHOME/share/config where $KDEHOME is usually .config within your home folder. If you are migrating from a version of KMyMoney prior to 5.0 or later, the old location of $KDEHOME was .kde4.

Moving plugin settings

If you have run any KMyMoney plugin, such as the csv importer or exporter, it may also have created a configuration file in that same folder, such as csvimporterrc or csvexporterrc. These should also be copied to the new computer.

As with the main data file, this assumes the same version of the plugin on both computers. Upgrades are generally safe, but if the functionality of the plugin has changed greatly, it is advisable to carefully test using the old configuration file, to be sure the plugin behaves as you expect.

Note that when upgrading from a previous version to version 5.0 or higher, the location of the template files used by the plugin for printing checks has changed. Please consult the release notes or the project website for more details.


These instructions are solely for moving your KMyMoney data and settings. However, there may be important items which are stored by KDE and not by KMyMoney, such as passwords stored in Keychain. Moving other parts of your KDE setup is beyond the scope of this manual, although many of the relevant files are also stored under $KDEHOME.